Canepari proposes some historical-naturalistic routes:

Route To Fort Bastion [ Easy Level ]: Trekking - Nature at low altitude. - Forte Bastione is located on the mountain of the same name in the municipality of Fosdinovo, at an elevation between 690 and 696 meters above sea level.From its location there is a splendid view of the lower Val di Magra and the Apuan coastline. More information.

Route B Abandoned Quarry on Mount Carchio and on the traces of the Gothic Line on Mount Folgorito [ Easy Level ]: Trekking - Nature at low altitude. - We admire with amazement the whole coastline with the promontory of Monte Marcello the islands of Tino, Tinetto, Palmaria and on days without haze we can see the French Maritime Alps. More information

Route C In the Heart of the White Mountain [ Easy Level ]: Guided tour of the Carrara Quarries "Ponti di vara and entrance to the Ravacciane quarry. More information

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