About us

The Azienda Agricola Apuana was conceived, about 30 years ago, together with a friend, along the paths of the" ramarri" in the Apuan Alps, those leading to Sagro (the Sacred Mountain; where the Ligurians - Apuani used to light the fire to the Gods),Grondilice, Pizzo d' Uccello and the bastions of Pisanino. Four peaks, the four "A's" of "AziendaAgricolApuanA."

I inherited the small farm of my parents, I had in my pocket a degree in Agriculture from the University of Pisa to act in this reality defined as "marginal"; the choice of organic as purposeful and careful, a continuity of trust with the world of the fields, my memories and my Father. All revised in a modern and scientific key: certification and the relationship with Bioagricert, the certifying body. The structure as a social moment; non-isolation in the world of the land; my wife also believed in it and Ca' d'r Moreto becomes a small gym also for Alice, our daughter

It is a beautiful story that has grown and still develops energy On our farm, you can experience a beautiful relationship with the rural world, with nature, to rediscover its details: smells, tastes, colors, sounds and silence. Trekking, m.b., visits to castles, climbing the Sagro are ideal experiences to savor this 'corner of the world with us. From the marina of Marina di Carrara then suggestive are the boat excursions to Portovenere, the 5 Terre, the islands Gorgona and Capraia, the 'aquarium of Genoa.